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In this area of our website, we try to familiarise our Greek island of Samos to you. Events, important phone numbers and more.

Samos towns and villages

Towns and villages on Samos.
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  • It is the capital of the island. It is located on the northeast side of the island on the bay of Vathy. The town has been joined with the old and traditional settlement of Vathi. It has about 8.500 residents. It is the main port of the island. It has many shops, restaurants bars and cafes. Nearby beaches are Gagou, Kalami, Agia Paraskevi and Livadaki. It is connected by ship with the mainland of Greece, with several islands and with Kusadasi on the coasts of Turkey.
  • Vathi or Upper Vathi: From the oldest settlements of Samos built upon the hill above Samos town. In present days integrated into the city and is characterised by small alleys of traditional and neoclassical buildings.
  • Karlovassi: It is the second town of Samos island and is located on the north-west side of it about 32 km from Samos town. It is inhabited by about 7.500 people. Karlovasi considered being the commercial and economical centre of the island. It is the seat of the Facility of Mathematics of the University of Aegean and has a lot of tourism facilities and infrastructure. It has many taverns and restaurants and many music bars and clubs, especially for the younger people. There are many things worth seeing in Karlovasi like magnificent Churches, old factories and workshops and restored neoclassical houses.
  • Kokkari: It is located about 10 km from Samos town. Inhabited by about 1.000 people. With very well preserved and restored traditional buildings and a quite small port. Is one of the best touristic developed villages of the island with a lot of smaller or bigger hotels and many restaurants and bars. It's nearby beaches Lemonakia and Tsamadou are considered among the best of the island.
  • Avlakia settlement: About 5 km to the west of Kokkari this small settlement with the amazing beach and landscape is the ideal place for relaxing holidays.
  • Pithagorio: Located about 15 km to the south-east from Samos town it is the most touristic developed place of the island inhabited by about 1.400 people. The place has been built on the ruins of the ancient city of Samos. The night life of the place is one of the most vital of the island, with lots of facilities of any kind and many monuments someone worthy to see.
  • Pyrgos: Approximately 30 kilometres west of the city of Samos, in the almost centre of the island, Pyrgos village is located. A green village built away from the sea in a mountainous part of the island.
  • Vourliotes village: Built up on the mountain and about 20 km away from Samos Town and with about 500 inhabitants the village is one of the oldest villages of the island. It overlooks Kokkari Samos town and the Aegean sea giving to the visitor a spectacular view. With narrow streets and old traditional houses. Surrounded by forests is the ideal place for a romantic lunch or dinner.
  • Agios Konstantinos: Built along the north coast of Samos about 20 km west of Samos town and inhabited by about 400 people. It is combined by 2 settlements. Upper and lower Agios Konstantinos. Nearby the village is the marvellous beach of Tsabou.
  • Upper Agios Konstantinos also called Ano Agios Konstantinos. This village was built before Agios Konstantinos. There is the homonymous church that gave its name to the village. Hidden in dense forest, an ideal spot of nature for relaxation.
  • Platanakia: At the entrance of the village of Agios Konstantinos, there is a road leading to the village of Manolates and travelling through the plane trees in the nightingale's valley. A magnificent location with absolute coolness on hot summer days.
  • Manolates village: Leaving Agios Konstantinos and trough the amazing nightingale valley, Platanakia and Aidonia we reach Manolates village. Built up on the mountain about 20 km away from Samos town and with about 130 inhabitants. The view to the northern coasts of Samos and the coasts of Asia Minor is breathtaking. It is ideal for a mountain walk or for a relaxing lunch.
  • Ambelos village: Also built up on the mountain nearby Manolates surrounded by trees and vineyards is ideal and connected with the nearby villages by walking routes, combines a perfect choice for the lovers of mountain walking.
  • Ormos Marathokampos and Votsalakia: Built on the south side of the island and about 50 km far from Samos town with endless sandy beaches and with a big tourism infrastructure giving to the visitor a picture like no other on the island.