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In this area of our website, we try to familiarise our Greek island of Samos to you. Events, important phone numbers and more.

Samos festivals

Festivals on Samos.
A service provided by MEMORY Car Rentals in Kokkari on Samos

The festivals ( Panigiria) are popular outdoor celebrations made in honour of a Saint. Usually organised in the yards of churches or on streets and villages squares. The church is the referent point of a region and the social life is concentrated around it. The festivals are the occasion of celebrating, joy, music and small traders, food and fun, meeting people and relax from everyday life. The summer festivals (from June to September) are very popular and give joyful atmosphere to the island. Some of the festivals are the follow:
Festivals in honour of Prophet Elias take place also in Samos town and to wherever there is a church in honour of the Prophet.
  • On the beginning of June, a festival takes place in the chapel of Holy Trinity in Valeondates.
  • Karlovasi has a festival on July 20 with honoured the Prophet Elias. On August 6 has a feast in the church of the Transfiguration and of course the feast of the Assumption on August 15.
  • On July 26 a big festival takes place in Kokkari in the square of the school of the village in honour of St.Panteleimon.
  • On August 15 there is a festival in many places of the island as there are many churches in honour of Virgin Mary of course.
  • On August 6 there is a big festival in Pithagorio honouring the Transfiguration of the Virgin.
  • Every year during the first days of August takes place in Ireon, the Ireon music festival. This festival is very popular and music bands from the whole country gather to perform live.
  • During the middle of August, the Heraea festival takes place of Pithagorio. It is a representation of the ancient feast in honour of the ancient goddess Hera. Many volunteers take part and the festival includes theatre, dance and music events.
  • During August take place in Samos town but also to other locations of the island the wine festivals. On the events, traditional music groups take place as well as dancing groups of traditional dances.
  • Οn September 8 there is a festival in Vourliotes in honour of Panagia Vrontiani.