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In this area of our website, we try to familiarise our Greek island of Samos to you. Events, important phone numbers and more.

Samos sightseeing

Sightseeing on Samos.
A service provided by Memory car rentals in Kokkari Samos

  • Archaeological museum of Samos. It includes a various collection of exhibits included it's most important the statue of Samos Kouros. Tel:+30 22730 27469.
  • Archaeological museum of Pythagorio. It is located in Pythagorio and hosts a big collection of marble statues, portraits and columns as far as pottery items. Tel:+30 22730 61400
  • Museum of Samos wine. It is located in Samos town and shows to the visitor the whole history of Samos wine, the production of it and the winemaking tools. Tel:+30 22730 87511.
  • Museum of natural history. It is located in Mytilini and it is consisted by the paleontological area, the zoo area, the minerals and rocks area, the marine life area and the botanist area. Tel:+30 22730 52055
  • Folklore museum Samos Nikolaos Dimitriou. It is located in Doryssa bay hotel in Pythagorio. It gives to the visitor a complete idea of the daily life of the island's people till almost the WW2. Tel:30 22730 88383
  • Folklore museum of Karlovasi. It is located in Karlovassi and has hundreds of exhibits. Tel:+30 22730 32265
  • The temple of Hera. It is located in Heraion and was dedicated to the worship of the goddess Hera. It was built in the era of the tyrant Polycrates and was considered to be the largest temple in Greece.
  • The Eupalinus tunnel. It is located in Pythagorio. It was constructed also in the era of the tyrant Polycrates as an aqueduct of the ancient city. It was more than 1.000 meters long
  • The cave of Pythagoras: Situated on the foot of Kerkis mountain and few km away of Kampos Marathokampos. According to tradition, it is here that the philosopher was hiding to avoid the persecution of the tyrant Polycrates.