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In this area of our website, we try to familiarise our Greek island of Samos to you. Weather forecast, events, important phone numbers and more.

Samos nightlife

Nightlife on Samos.
A service provided by MEMORY Car Rentals in Kokkari on Samos

Samos can offer to the visitor a variety of choices for entertainment at night. The biggest summer club of the island is Double Six a few km outside of Samos town and to the way to Pithagorio with a variety of greek and foreign music and events (www.d6club.gr). Furthermore of the main places on the island like Samos town, Pithagorio, Kokkari, Karlovasi and Votsalakia there are several restaurants, tavernas, pubs, cafes, bars and clubs playing all kind of music and for any taste. The visitor can have a multiple choice of a nice dinner in a restaurant of Greek or Italian cuisine or a romantic drink on a relaxing bar by the sea or a vital and long lasting night in a club. Any kind of entertainment somebody needs will find it on Samos island for sure.
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