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In this area of our website, we try to familiarise our Greek island of Samos to you. Weather forecast, events, important phone numbers and more.

Samos mountains

mountains on Samos.
A service provided by MEMORY Car Rentals in Kokkari on Samos

Samos has 2 mountains. The one is Mt Kerketeas or Kerkis. It is the highest of the two and is located in the western part of the island. It is not rich in vegetation and has an altitude of 1434 m The highest point called Vigla considered among the highest mountains of the country. The other mountain is Karvounis or Ampelos and it is the larger of the two. It lies on the central east part of the island and the highest point of it is named Profitis Ilias. It has an altitude of 1095 m and it is quite rich in vegetation.
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